Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing Campaigns with 2D QR Codes

Inclinet specializes in helping progressive businesses elevate their marketing campaigns by creating effective location based marketing strategies targeting smart device users who are on the go!

Using 2D QR codes, Inclinet converts your static marketing / promotional materials into dynamic, interactive and measurable marketing tools that will help you better engage your market and track performance.

Inclinet's 2D QR codes will bring to life to your campaign and can be used on the following media...

  • Business Cards - website URL, contact information (meCard/vCard), SMS message
  • Brochures - photo/video gallery, website URL
  • Packaging - product information link, purchase link, how to use video
  • Post Cards - coupon, website URL
  • Newsletters - audio, video, contact information
  • Books - author bio or audio/video, image gallery
  • Newspaper Ads - additional details
  • Magazine Ads - destination video, product video
  • Flyers - product information, purchase links
  • Posters - sign up form, event registration, ticket purchase
  • Event Programs - donation link, speaker or performer bio
  • Signs - real estate walk through, SMS message, phone agent, geo-location, wifi access


2D QR Codes
Inclinet iMenu Table Sign

Campaign Management with Tracking

With Inclinet's advanced QR code campaign management tools, we generate tracking codes to manage your campaign. We handle all aspects of mobilizing your campaign from the initial consultation through the set-up to the ongoing management, tracking and reporting. Let Inclinet be your trusted Calgary QR code campaign partner.

Mobile Marketing FAQ's

Location based (mobile) Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through almost any mobile device or network. In other words, marketing designed to target people who are out and about.
Mobile devices are the 24/7 digital hub for everyone and plays a key role in facilitating purchase decisions. With mobile devices available and handy everywhere, it is more compelling than ever for companies large and small to incorporate mobile into their marketing campaigns.
A 2D QR (quick response) code is a two dimensional bar code that reads data in two directions. The QR code was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. QR codes are commonly used to automatically invoke smart phone actions such as send an email, launch a web browser and navigate to a website, dial a phone number, download a file, play a video or sound file, etc. QR codes are frequently used in innovative location based marketing campaigns to better quantify the effectiveness of various marketing channels and/or locations.

With Inclinet's advanced tracking capability, clients are able to utilize QR codes in advanced location based, mobile marketing campaigns to gain insight into the effectiveness of various media, marketing channels and/or locations.

A dynamic QR code is one that can be changed to deliver the visitor to another outcome. For example, if a dynamic QR code is used for promoting a "special sale" on a website, it can be programmed to automatically redirect the visitor to an alternate location once that "special" ends. A static QR code is one where the destination is hard coded into the QR code and cannot be changed.


If you would like to see how a dynamic, location based marketing campaign could work for your business, contact us for more information.
We can tailor a campaign to your specific requirements!