There are many benefits that businesses derive from maintaining an active business blog. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to see when you post valuable content for your readers.

A Blog Helps You Build Trust With Your Audience

By continually offering your visitors valuable, actionable information, you are building a relationship of trust with them. Your blog can provide visitors with useful tips, checklists, reviews, explanations and other informational or educational content.

A Blog Can Help Build Your Email List

On your blog, you can offer certain valuable and/or exclusive content in exchange for a visitor’s email, thereby creating another link or touch point to that visitor for future conversation/marketing.

A Blog Can Help Establish You as an Authority in Your Space

The more valuable the content that you provide, the greater the perception becomes that you are an industry leader. A business blog is not to talk about personal issues unless they are relevant to the business. To be a considered a thought leader, your blog needs to be original and present well researched and well reasoned opinions. A business blog is never the place to let off steam. Always take the high road.

A Blog Generates a Search Engine Optimization Uplift – Google Loves New Content

Search engines love new content and will quickly index blog content. With the proper use of keywords and back-links, your blog can generate a real boost to your SEO results. Better still, your indexed blog content can continue to provide results for months or even years.

A Blog is an Inexpensive Yet Highly Effective Form of Marketing

Your blog is an ideal forum to launch a new product or service. Provide advance notice or an exclusive early-bird discount for your blog followers only, and benefit from the blog relationships you have built over time.


If you want to build trust and authority with your audience, consider starting a blog for your business. We make it easy for you.