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20% Discount on Hosting, Protection and Maintenance Plan for WordPress Websites

We’ve Got Your Back(up)

Inclinet’s Website Hosting, Protection and Maintenance Plan provides a SAFE and SECURE environment for your WordPress website. WordPress© themes and plugins are continuously updated by their developers to improve functionality, mitigate vulnerabilities or to fix discovered bugs. If not regularly updated, your WordPress© website can be exposed to greater risk over time as components become vulnerable, discontinued, unsupported or incompatible with other parts of your site.

Inclinet’s Website Hosting, Protection and Maintenance Plan offers YOU peace of mind, knowing your online assets are safe, monitored, updated and fully backed-up. Should disaster strike, your website can be RESTORED quickly, minimizing downtime, client dissatisfaction and lost sales.

What's Included

Inclinet monitors uptime at one minute intervals to allow for a quick response should a website go down.

Inclinet hosts client websites on high performance, managed servers utilizing fast SSD's (solid state drives). Your website will operate quickly giving your clients a great user experience.  

The backup frequency and schedule are designed to meet the needs of the client to protect their data as well as their piece of mind. Some clients require backups twice monthly, while others require weekly or even daily backups.

It is critically important to maintain the integrity of backup files as these will be required should a website need to be restored. For this reason, Inclinet stores all backup files on a remote, managed server. This offers the best protection for clients against a server failure or hack.

Inclinet ensures your site continues to operate properly by updating themes and plugins when required. This ongoing protection shields the client from software vulnerabilities and helps maintain a great customer experience.

Should a client website become compromised or broken, Inclinet can perform a site restoration utilizing the existing off-site backup files. 

Inclinet secures client websites by enabling SSL root level certificate. This provides protection and a safe customer experience. 

Many hackers search website files to find vulnerable themes, plugins or uploads to exploit. Inclinet hides theme, plugin and other folders from the bots for added security.

Inclinet blocks hotlinking to prevent hackers and others from using or stealing your storage space and bandwidth for their own benefit. 

Inclinet protects client websites by preventing the copying of visible content using a right click. This also prevents hackers from searching through and viewing your website source files by using the right click. 

Inclinet adds captcha protection to the WordPress login screen, adding another level of security against login abuse including brute force attacks.

Inclinet can automatically block specific IP’s to stop repeated attempts to access the site. If the blocked IP continues to abuse the login, the IP can also be permanently banned, stopping all future attempts.

Inclinet employs many additional defenses against hacking and maintains login and hack attempt logs for post event audit.


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