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Calgary Mobile Marketing with 2D QR Codes

With the explosive growth of mobile technology, businesses everywhere are reaching out to engage interactively with their mobile enabled customers. Inclinet has the tools to help you create effective mobile campaigns using trackable 2D QR code technology

Contact INCLINET INTERNET GROUP today to find out how your company can better engage with mobile enabled clients by integrating 2D QR Codes into your overall marketing strategy.

Calgary Custom Website Design and Development

Inclinet’s Calgary custom website Design and development team can efficiently handle custom design projects from basic Landing Pages to Blogs to fully Responsive custom websites.

New projects begin with a comprehensive Needs Analysis to establish key project requirements, and deliverables. A development proposal is presented showing costs and timelines and is based on the findings of the Needs Analysis. Upon acceptance, website assets are gathered and logged and project schedules are created.

Design composites are provided prior to project build out.

Domains and HostingCustom Website Design

We Protect Your Website from Hackers

Websites built on the WordPress© framework have many component parts, most of which are continuously being updated by their developers. These updates may be to improve functionality, mitigate vulnerabilities or to fix discovered bugs. Your WordPress© website will become exposed to greater risk over time, if components are not updated or replaced as they become vulnerable, discontinued, unsupported or even incompatible with other parts of your site.

If your site is hacked and used for sending out spam, it can wind up on numerous domain or IP blacklists leading to delivery problems for valid emails and complaints from unhappy users.

Inclinet’s Preventive Maintenance Program offers YOU peace of mind, knowing your online assets are safe, monitored, updated and fully backed-up. Should disaster strike, your website can be RESTORED quickly, minimizing downtime, client dissatisfaction and lost sales.

Calgary 2D QR Codes

Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting and Email

Inclinet Internet Group will help you select the best domain name for your business and register it on your behalf. Our managed Calgary Website Hosting services includes both Windows and Linux based servers to meet your website and email requirements.

Contact us today to request more information.